Workwear Solutions

At IamTRADE Ltd, we understand that finding the right personal protective equipment or work-wear for your company employees sometimes may be a daunting task.

With changing standards and an increase in young workers, finding the right product sometimes means finding the right product for your tradespeople.

We specialize in sourcing personal protective equipment that craft prefers to use while adhering to the required specifications that suit your project.

The best part is, we make it affordable for companies to pay for these products by infusing an approach on work-wear and PPE that most suppliers don't consider, the look and the feel. 

We understand what looks good, what feels good, what works best, and how to make it cost less.

  1. Coveralls - Parkas - Vests 
  2. Hoodies - T-Shirts - Long Sleeves - Pants 
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (A-Z)
  4. Cresting - Embroidery - Silk Screening - Heat Transfer 
  5. Commercial Laundry Services
  6. Consulting
  7. FR / Non-FR

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