Look Good. Feel Good. Work Good. IamTRADE Apparel

IamTRADE was initially founded as a merchandise and apparel company. The goal was to deliver positive and professional messaging using merchandise and apparel by promoting the IamTRADE Apparel line.

Today, our line has become a staple for professional tradespeople who support our belief and perspectives. Owning what you are, shapes who you are.

We continuously update our merchandise and apparel line with modern and up to date campaigns in order to keep our supporters in fresh and new material. We are also releasing our FR (fire retardant) line starting with skull caps and shirts, hoodies and pants.

Stay close and connected to our brand and remember to add your email to our mailing list so you can receive up to date information and discounts, you can do so at the bottom of our home screen in the footer menu. 

Have an idea or a request? Send us an email at: contact@iamtrade.ca

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