Health and well-being


IamTRADE Ltd was founded for tradespeople, by tradespeople. Our mission is to rebrand tradespeople, uplift our brothers and sisters and bring professionalism back to the industry.

We have suffered tremendously in recent years and unfortunately, may continue to suffer for years ahead before we bounce back. If you or someone you know is struggling for any reason, we encourage you to take a step here and now. Reach out to someone and show him or her you care or better yet, let others show you they care. We are providing a website that can help because the truth is, we don't have the answers, but we want you to find them. 

Have the courage to care:

The Lifeline Canada foundation:

NOTE: We are working on a program that will offer personal trainers at discounted cost for tradespeople who want to improve their physical well-being. We will offer trainers, food plans and general guidance along with strategies for tradespeople to stay fit and eat healthy while on the road or at home working long hours.