What is IamTRADE ?

IamTRADE is a company founded for tradespeople, by tradespeople. Our primary goal is to rebrand tradespeople by raising positive and professional awareness within our crafts. We aim to represent a standard of excellence and professionalism by raising awareness and motivation in tradespeople. We want tradespeople to be respected and valued for our contributions and hard work. We also want the companies that employ us to not only sustain but expand their business. In order to be taken seriously, you must take yourself seriously and IamTRADE represents the proud and worthy tradesperson.

We manufacture and distribute our IamTRADE Apparel line which is geared to promote our message. 

Some of the services we aim to develop include, consulting which is aimed towards quality and safety in the workplace, a modern approach toward leadership development and performance improvement, specific safety incentive programs, guest speaking, customized merchandise and apparel along with workwear solutions.

If you are a tradesperson that cares about who you are and what you do as a tradesperson, if you value your craft and passion for doing so, if you want to be respected and valued for your contributions and if being your own, with others sounds like a good blend, then IamTRADE was designed for you, join us today.

It is important to note, that we provide our services to tradespeople, companies and/or corporations. We are located in Edmonton AB, but our services extend throughout Canada and plans to further our reach will come in the future. You can purchase our clothing on our website. 

For any additional information, please email us at: